Hi!   My name is Susan, aka kelleysgirl, and welcome to my page.  I have wanted to start a blog like this for awhile.  A place where I can talk about organizing, de-cluttering, crafting, upcycling, decorating,  building and even food–because everything is better with food.  So I guess you might say this is an all-purpose blog.  I am not even going to pretend that I am OCD and everything is in ‘it’s place’ around my house.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I talked a bit about this in my blog ‘Long, long ago….order,’ in April 2016.  But I want to share my trek with you back to where I need to be.  Back to the way I was raised to be.

Life has a tendency to interrupt the best intentions, and so it has been for me for quite some time.  But I am on a mission.  It won’t be finished overnight, it will take awhile.  So I decided to blog about the journey.  And I hope you are able to learn some things, and share some things.  But mostly, I want it to be enjoyable for all of us.

After all, life should be fun…


Just in case you are interested, I have an inspirational blog also.  You can check it out over at Blogger.  http://smkelley62.blogspot.com/