Dining Room into Office

This is another one of those posts with an embarrassing picture in it. But of course, my blog does have the word chaos in it for a reason.


Well, here it is. My horrible, ugly dining room. A partially done table that needed a total refinish job, new chairs that I had just purchased and were still raw. And the horrible mess of a rarely used room in our house. Here it is in all its cluttered glory.

I have never been an organized person, well, not in my adult years. My room was fairly clean and organized as a teen, but having kids must have messed up that part of my brain. This is actually a pic taken before working on a separate project, one reason for the paint cans. I keep insisting that I will change that part of me, and Lord knows I do try, so maybe one day I will succeed.

My plan was to redo the table and chairs in a distressed white, but with the busyness of life I hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I had just purchased some new chairs and planned to start soon, when one day the hubs came to me and said, “Why don’t we turn the dining room into an office?” Never mind that I had just spent $300 on new dining chairs. But his idea made perfect sense. We rarely ever used the dining room anyway, and we have three growing children that could use a place for homework. We had just replaced our flooring, so now was the perfect time to do it.


We started by going to Home Depot and getting a sheet of plywood. We had them rip in in the middle, so we had 2 2×8 sheets, which we glued and nailed together to form one thick piece.

IMG_4470 2

I wanted a chunky top for the desk, thus the stacked plywood. I believe we used birch.


Here is where we ran into a bit of trouble. We couldn’t find a matching edge piece. So, we just bought the closest that they had. I love all things rustic, so I didn’t want it perfect anyway. We glued and nailed it all along three edges, leaving the back unfinished since it was going up against the wall.


A lot of sanding later.


We like furniture with storage, so we purchased two file cabinets that were just the right height to be the ends of the desk.


We measured the distance apart and then added a cleat on the wall to support the weight of the desktop.


We placed the top on and screwed into the cleat. We had already cut two holes for cords to go through.


The edge after staining. Just a bit different in color.


Our faux shiplap wall we did last year.


Another view of the desktop after staining.


And here is the finished room.

Well, partially finished. We did remove the rug, and plan to add a lamp, calendar and desk pad. We also had to add some double stick pads under the top so the file cabinets didn’t move around when opening the drawers. I like it so much, we plan to make another for the bedroom for me to use as a craft area.

This was done a few months ago and so far, no more catch-all room. One more unorganized mess taken care of.

Happy crafting!