Farmhouse Laundry Room Update

I have wanted to update my laundry room since I moved into this house 10 years ago. It seems something always got in the way- always more important things to do around the house, and it kept getting pushed aside.

Caution: ugly pictures ahead.


This is what my laundry room looked like before. It was ugly, and because it was ugly, it also became a catch-all. Things just seemed to land in there, whether they belonged there or not. We had a repipe done a few months ago, and it left holes in the wall that we just couldn’t find the time to patch, mainly because we knew we were going to get to the remodel this year.

Our laundry room is long and skinny, and no place for a hamper, or three, to sort laundry. So I had to sort it on the floor. And the dog food bag was in there, get my meaning.


Sodas, dog food, sorted laundry– not a very pretty picture. And because I hated the way the room looked, I also didn’t care that it became stacked up. I knew it was time to jump in and get started on this remodel.


We pulled everything out, and this is what we had to work with. The repipe had left holes in the wall. We thought of patching them with sheetrock, but we knew we were going to put up a wood plank wall to look like shiplap, so we decided not to patch it beforehand. If the wood didn’t hold properly, we would pull it down and patch the wall.


Everything worked perfectly, so we didn’t have to redo. Nothing behind the washer and dryer shows, so we weren’t worried about getting things perfect around the faucet area and the outlets. This is before adding a frame around the faucet part.


And this is after painting. It already has that old farmhouse look to it.  We weren’t worried about the edges being perfect, as we were going to put trim around them.


We measured a 1×12 and put it wall to wall. The shelf before didn’t go all the way across. Forgot to take a pic before replacing the washer and dryer. I just used pieces of wood as brackets on the edges, and one metal bracket in the middle.


We bought two 15×30 inch cabinets for the wall. I stained, then painted and distressed them, and hung on both edges of the wall.


We reattached the doors.


Then added some wood bracing for the shelves.


I really wanted thicker shelves here, and decided to try something different. So, I went with 2x4s. I used three per shelf, and after staining, I was so happy with the outcome.

We added trim around the edges of the wall, and I had my farmhouse laundry room.


I made a cute little lint container out of a coffee can.


And added baskets, and decorative containers to hold things, so that they are out of sight.




And to solve my hamper problem, I made a laundry sorter out of the flower board I recently painted and posted about.


I bought a narrow container for the dog food, and put it next to the dryer. And moved the sodas to a place in the kitchen.


I love this room so much now, I refuse to let it get chaotic again. I find myself walking through it just to look at how different it is. I have moved some things out, just because I don’t want it to get all junked up again.

This was really an easy project, we took a couple of weekends to do it, and probably about $250.

I am trying to decide if I want to put galvanized tin on the ceiling. If I decide to, I will update my pictures.

🙂 kg