Hi! My name is Susan, aka kelleysgirl, and welcome to my page. I have wanted to start a blog like this for awhile. A place where I can talk about organizing, de-cluttering, crafting, upcycling, decorating, building and even food–because everything is better with food. So I guess you might say this is an all-purpose blog. I might even throw in a thought-provoking post now and then. I am not even going to pretend that I am OCD and everything is in ‘it’s place’ around my house. Nothing could be further from the truth, unfortunately. But, I am on my way back to organization. I want to share my trek with you back to the way I was raised to be. And making and upcycling things along the way will make it an adventure.

My mom taught me well to look for things on sale and to save money where it is possible. So, I like to do things as inexpensively as I can- my husband loves that I hate to spend money!

Life has a tendency to interrupt the best intentions, and so it has been for me for quite some time. But I am on a mission. It won’t be finished overnight, it will take awhile. So I decided to blog about the journey. And I hope you are able to learn some things, and share some things. Come along for a hopefully enjoyable ride.

After all, life should be fun…


Just in case you are interested, I have an inspirational blog also.  You can check it out over at Blogger.  http://smkelley62.blogspot.com/


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