Flower sign

I wanted to create something special today with things I already had on hand.  I had a long scrap piece of a 1 x 10 that I had already stained a while back, and decided I would paint some flowers on it.


*Disclaimer- I am NOT an artist, I am a writer and creator, so keep that in mind. 🙂



Here is the wood I started with.  I had some quarts of paint that were only partially used that would work perfectly with this project.


I drew out some flowers on the wood with a pencil, just to use as a guide.


As you can see, they aren’t perfect.


Then I began the painting process.  I started with a solid layer of paint.


This is what I had after using the three colors–told you I wasn’t an artist. 🙂


I decided to add some contrast colors in, to make it appear a little more lifelike.  I remember watching Donna Dewberry years ago and her one stroke technique (shameless plug).  I still have some of her brushes, and that is what I used here.  I put the two colors side by side- the original flower color, and a grayish white paint leftover from another project.


I dipped both edges into the paints.



Then I blended the colors moved the brush up and down on the plate I was using.


I then began painting on top of the flower petals.  I was never very good at this, so I just faked it till I liked the way it looked.


I blended a bit, then I would use the edge to add extra detail.


This is what I ended up with.


I didn’t have a pounce brush, so I improvised and used a cheap foam brush.


I cut off the top to make it flat.


I pounced some brown into the center of the flowers.  Then I pounced some of the grayish white on top.

And this is the finished project!  So very perfectly imperfect- I see areas I could have improved on, and if I do it again, I will.  Haven’t decided where I will put this cute little board yet- perhaps the front porch or the laundry room.

Happy crafting!! 🙂


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