Wood plank wall

I spent part of my childhood living in an old farmhouse with shiplapped walls. As a child, of course, I didn’t know that is what they were called, I just knew I loved that house and pretty much everything about it. I have wanted to do some faux shiplap for some time, and the hubby and I finally got to it the last few days. The prep took a few hours, but installation took about 6 hours, including the cuts.

This is what the wall looked like before we started.  Ignore the messy bar, we live here. 🙂

This project actually started a while back when we went to Home Depot and bought some thin plywood.  I think it was called underlayment, and was about $12 for a 4′ x 8′ sheet.  We had them cut 6″ strips while we were there, as we don’t have a table saw.

We sanded the edges to get a smoother finish, but left them a bit rough. I mixed up some stain- I used Minwax Driftwood and added some Minwax Ebony to it- and stained the pieces.

I wiped on a coat of poly, just to seal the finish.

Then we began nailing it to the wall.  The walls have a texture to them, so we put a stripe of Liquid Nails on the back to help attach to the wall.

Here is the top portion all complete.  I love the barn look and the unevenness of color.

And here is the finished wall.  I need to paint the molding under the bar white, to match the other trim, it was painted the same as the wall color before.


We love how it came out!  I even cleaned the bar off.  😉

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