Lamp Upcycle

I bought two of these lamps a few years ago from Kirkland’s to use in the bedroom.  I liked the shape of them, but never was fond of the swirly decorations on the outside. They were on sale, and I needed some lamps, so I bought them.

I have looked at them many times over the years, wondering how I could make them more my rustic/farmhouse style, and it finally came to me– use hardware cloth!

I stripped the outside off, and this is what I was left with.  I actually like it this way and almost left it.  But I have a love affair with chicken wire and hardware cloth, so I carried on.

I can’t get enough of this stuff in my decorating these days.  I like both styles, but wanted to use the square kind for this project. I measured around my lamp, and used wire cutters to cut the wire just a bit larger.  I was working in my bedroom, so I placed a piece of white paper underneath to make the pics easier to see.

I left an edge so I could wrap it around the wire part of the lamp.

I began wrapping it around the lamp, carefully bending it on the edges.  This isn’t easy to do, especially with arthritic fingers.  I forgot to take a pic, but I spray painted the wire black at this point.

I began bending the edges around the back side of the lamp.  Some of the paint scraped off, but I just re-sprayed it after I was done.

I took a few pieces of wire and attached the last edge at the back.  I then re-sprayed it and let dry.  This part isn’t too pretty, but no one will see it as it is on the back side of the lamp.

And here is the finished product!   I love how it came out.  Much more my style.  I will have to wait a few days before doing the other one to let my fingers recover.


Although I used hardware cloth for this project, you could certainly use chicken wire instead.

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