Window covering

Sure is good to be back! Have been dealing with some long term medical issues, so blogging wasn’t possible-and I have sure missed it!

I have lived in this house for quite a few years, and have never figured out what to do with the skinny entry window by the front door. I had a small rod strategically attached with a curtain I didn’t really like for a long time. Because of the way I had to attach it, it was never very sturdy and I kept having to move it and reattach. When it fell down a few months ago, I decided I would just leave it bare until I came up with a more permanent solution.

It sure didn’t afford us any privacy, so I came up with another temporary solution.

Isn’t that attractive!

It was meant to be more temporary than it turned out to be. With the health problems, it ended up being there for a few months. We would put it up at night and remove in the mornings. Today I decided no more and went to work with the things I bought a while back  to solve the problem.

Bought these in the plumbing department of Home Depot.

And my trusty copper paint. These two are about to meet.

A couple of coats later and this is what I had.

I took the pipe cutter and cut off a piece of copper pipe.

I tried a drill, but it wouldn’t fit in the small area, so I ended up screwing it all in by hand. And here is my very sturdy curtain rod.

I still have to touch up the screw heads.

I haven’t decided what type of curtain to use permanently, so for now I just draped a sheer panel over it and added a ribbon. My style is more farmhouse/rustic, so this won’t be here any longer than it takes me to decide what kind of covering I want up here permanently. But for now, it does the job and the rod won’t fall down.

So, what type of curtain would you use?

I also have plans for that board, which will be a future blog.

Happy decorating!

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