All Season Wreath

I have wanted to make a cotton boll wreath for some time, and I finally got down to business today!

I decided to use a garland I got on sale, and cut off the amount I needed for the wreath.

I wanted to make a plain wreath that I could add some seasonal decorations to, so I picked out some burlap ribbon, and some Easter ribbons that I already had.

I love the look of windowpane ribbon, so I added a strip of it across the middle.

I placed my cotton pieces where I wanted them and attached with some jute ribbon.

I made some simple bows out of burlap ribbon and tied them on.

And this is the finished product for an all season wreath. You can add more cotton pieces or less, depending on what you like.  I wanted to add a bit of Easter decor to brighten it up a bit for Spring.  So, I made some more bows with pastel colors, and attached them in front.  Then I placed a cute little bunny on top.

A purple He is Risen ribbon finished it off.  When Easter is over, I will simply remove the pastel ribbons and I will have a wreath to get me through the summer into fall. I can even add some red, white and blue for the patriotic holidays in the summertime.

Cute and easy!

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