Christmas Picture Upcycle

My husband and I used to go to yard sales.  I hate paying full price for anything- a trait I inherited from my mom- and if I can get it used,  that is even better.

The picture below we bought for less than $10.  It has been hanging in our house since we bought it.  I love how the frame is chipped and worn.  The picture isn’t my favorite, but Jeff loves it, so we keep it up.

It hangs in our dining room, and with the holidays here, that is also where I put our tree.  I decided I wanted it to look more Christmasy, and I decided to put my Krylon easy tack to good use.

I used this for another project recently, so I still had some left in the can.  I didn’t want to ruin the picture, so I used something I could remove after the holidays.

I began by measuring the inside of the picture.  I then cut a piece of poster board that would fit the space.  I didn’t have a large enough piece of decorative paper to fit, so I decided to cut 2 inch strips of some scrapbook paper I had on hand.

I lay the strips out just to see if I had enough to cover, then I began gluing them down.  I used a glue stick.

I made sure to stagger the edges.   When it was dry, I cut all the edges straight.  This was a ‘use what you have’ project, but if I do it again, I will buy some larger stencils, or letters to glue to the front.  I used some letters to trace onto some scrapbook paper and cut them out and glued them on.

This is what it looked like when I finished.  I sprayed the back with my Easy Tack, let it set up for 60 seconds, and put it in place.

And here is the finished project.

I just used scissors to make my cuts, so they aren’t perfect, but I am pleased with the results.  After the holidays, we can go back to the regular picture, or I can make an all season temporary one that I like better.

Happy crafting!

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