Rustic Shelf From Crate

There are many crafts and upcycles out there using these wooden crates.  I decided to cut mine in half and make two shelves out of it.  My granddaughter needed a shelf below her television shelf in her room to place her Wii in, and I knew this would work perfectly.  I will probably used the second one in my grandson’s room.

After cutting, I sanded it really well.

Here is one half of the crate after the husband cut it in half for me. I removed the bottom middle slat before cutting.

We nailed the removed slat to the front, and stained it.

I have a custom stain that I like really well,  so I used it here.  It is mostly Minwax Driftwood with some Ebony stirred in.

We cut a hole in the bottom, so we could put cord through.  Another light sanding and it is ready to hang.

And then we hung it underneath the shelf in her room with her tv.
Looking into the best ways of camouflaging the cords.
This could of course be used as a bookshelf, or for any type of storage.

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