Grapevine Christmas Wreath

Anyone who know me knows how much I love making wreaths. It is the one thing that takes me away from the everyday ‘stuff’ of life.  It is my outlet. I don’t make them as much as I used to, because there are only so many friends and family members you can give/sell them to before they start taking up way too much room in your house.

I am not one to do wreath tutorials, because I get so involved that I forget to take pics. I have only done one other, a pumpkin wreath.  Here is the tutorial for it:

But, I decided to do one for this particular wreath, because it is so darn easy! Hard to mess this one up.

Let’s get started.

I started with a grapevine wreath. You can, of course use any size, this one is medium to large. I used my 40% off coupon at HL for this one.

I bought four faux pine stems and two faux berry stems at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  You can, of course, add as much greenery as you like, I prefer to keep mine simple.

And these gorgeous bells I got from Amazon.

I started by attaching a pipe cleaner at the top back to hang it by. I turned it over and began laying out the bells to see how I wanted them to hang. Then I just attached them with the strings they came with. The two small bells were attached together, so I just tied a piece of jute cord to their string and tied to the wreath.

This is the part that scares people- attaching the greenery. But on this wreath, it’s a piece of cake. I lay the two pieces on one side to see where I wanted to place them. Then I simply shoved the stem into the wreath along the vines. I put the second one in just on top and above it.

I did the same on the other side, making sure to keep them even with the first side.

I then placed the berry stems on top, pushing them through the vines as well. Don’t worry about the space at the top, that is where my bow will go.

I didn’t take pics of the bow process, a little difficult as I am using both hands, but this one is very easy. Leave a tail and gather one loop in your hand. I used two ribbons here, but you can use one. Take a piece of cord and tie off the one loop to the back. Then take the long part of your ribbon and form another loop behind the first. And tie that one off. I normally do 4-5 loops. This is how I do a simple rustic bow, fancier bows takes a bit more precision. Take the ends of your cord and tie your bow around the top of your wreath in the empty spot. Cut off your ends where desired, and fluff up your loops and place them how you like.

And waa-laa, you are done!

Just had to share one more close up of these bells. 🙂

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