Rustic Snowy Noel sign

I wanted to make a quick and easy sign for my entryway using some things I had on hand. I bought these chipboard letters a while back, and really like the convenience of them. I already used them for one project, and decided to used them for this one.

I took the letters for NOEL, and put a heavy coat of Elmers glue on the front of them. I originally thought of using glitter, but saw a bag of fake snow and grabbed that instead.

I poured a good portion on top of the glue and pressed down. After a few minutes, I poured off the excess.

I had my letters done, so now I needed a piece of wood to put them on. I’m not one to throw away my scrap pieces, so I knew I would find something. I had some ends of some cedar pickets left over from another project, so I grabbed one of those.

I didn’t want my nails to show, so I marked where the top and bottom letters would go and placed my nails there. I used some small finishing nails and nailed it to the wall. You could decorate before hanging also.

I grabbed my can of Easy Tack and sprayed the back of the letters one at a time and began positioning them onto the board. I wanted this adhesive so I could remove the letters and use the board again. You could used a permanent adhesive as well.

Once I got my snowy letters in place, I wanted one more thing to add some detail.

I had a package of small snowflakes and took three of them, sprayed them with adhesive, and glued in place.

It turned out perfectly for this spot. Now I need to fill in the wall next to it. 😃

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