Layered Christmas Mantel

I love decorating my house any time of year, but I especially love doing it at Christmas time. One of my favorite things to decorate is the mantel. Wreaths are in my blood, I love making them. Most wreaths that I make are pretty fancy with lots of bows and ribbons on them. But when I make one for my house, I go more for the simplified version. My style is more Rustic Farmhouse, with some shabby chic thrown in- so I enjoy trying to figure out how I will decorate the mantel year after year.
I am not one to just throw a wreath above the mantel and call it done. I prefer the layered look.

Last year a friend gifted me with some used cedar pickets and it didn’t take me long to make a large ‘backdrop’ for my mantel. I love the worn, old look of the wood, and had it up for a year before deciding to lighten it up a bit for Christmas this year. It is attached to a screw in the back so it is secure. So I just began dry brushing some white paint onto it. I added some splotches as I wanted it to look wintery.

This is what it looked like when I was done. Messy, and perfect for what I had planned. So that became my first layer. I have a large metal decorative piece I bought several years ago at a yard sale, which I somewhat repainted that I knew would look perfect in front of it.

Here it is connected to the front with a well placed nail. This is my second layer. Now I just needed to make a wreath to hang in the front. So I bought a large grapevine wreath, ordered these adorable bells, and added some greenery, berries, and a bow. Quick and easy.

Tutorial for wreath is here:

And here you have the finished product. I love the layers all together. I just need to add a few well placed items and my Christmas mantel is complete.

Aren’t those bells just too cute??

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