Christmas Wreaths

A few years ago, I was looking for some craft ideas that I could do in my spare time– this was before the grandkids moved in and I actually had some spare time. 😀 I tried a few different things, including hanging vases and jewelry making, but I found my true passion when I began making wreaths.

The above wreath was the first one I made using deco mesh. This one was from 2015. I love the colors and style of this one.

I also made this grapevine wreath shortly afterward. It fits my own personal rustic style a little better than the first one.

When I began making wreaths several years about, I started with a green wreath. I made many of them with different styles and colors, and even sold many of them, mainly to friends and family.  Unfortunately, my love for supplies kept me from making a profit, lol.

The above wreath was one of my favorites.  For some reason I really love black, white and red for Christmas.

Here is one of 9 that I made for my church a couple of years ago.

This is one that started as a green wreath, but ends up looking more like a burlap one.

I was never able to make pretty bows until I began making and selling wreaths.  I am a bit of a perfectionist when I craft, so I watched tutorials online to learn how to make bows. The above wreath shows off what I learned. Bow making is still my favorite part of wreath making.

A large gingerbread wreath, with lots of extras.

I love the white on this one.

I was going through some very hard things in my life when I started making wreaths, and I found it to be good therapy for me.

Another one of my favorite wreaths. I love the red and turquoise colors on this one.  Not your traditional Christmas colors.

A purple, white and silver one I made for a friend.

Another red and turquoise one with a cross in the center. This may be my all time favorite wreath that I have made.

A sparkly black, white and aqua one.

And finally, a black, white and red one.

I think if a person has some of the creative gene in them, they should try different things until they find that one special thing that works for them.  That one thing that lights their fire.  It may be more than one thing, as I enjoy many types of crafting.  But the feeling I get when working on a wreath is like no other.  It is an escape from the mundane reality of life.  And a bit of joy in the midst of pain.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my wreaths as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you.

Happy crafting!

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