No-mess glitter letters

No doubt about it, I love glitter. What I don’t love is the mess that comes along with it. I am planning to make homemade stockings this year for the kids, and wanted to add a glitter initial to each of them. I could buy them for little money, but then I realized I had everything I needed at home to make my own without using glitter- or spending a penny.

That’s a win win!

I bought these chipboard letters a while back either when they were on sale, or I used a HL coupon- I don’t like to pay full price for anything if I can help it. I don’t remember if I had a specific project in mind when I purchased them, but they will work great for this one.

I also found these glitter foam sheets in my craft box that I bought at Dollar Tree a couple years ago for another project. They have a lot more sparkle than you can see here. That is when inspiration struck.

I actually finished this project without taking pics, so I went back through the motions here to show the steps.

I put a medium coat of tacky glue on the front of the letters and pressed down onto the back of the foam sheet and let dry.

Then I just took a small pair of scissors- a utility knife probably would have worked better-and cut them all out. I need to do a little more trimming, then punch a small hole and attach to the finished stockings. Or I could glue on the front.

These would make great gift tags as well, they are super sparkly, even though my camera didn’t capture that.

I am sure you could use metal or wood letters for more stability, if desired.

Happy crafting!!

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