Pumpkin wreath

I have seen the pumpkin shaped wreaths online, and thought I would try one myself.  I already had some supplies on hand, as I make and sell custom wreaths, but I went to HL and grabbed the few things I needed.

There are many variations you can make to this, and use any type of mesh ribbon you like according to your own personal style- I am thinking of making a burlap one.  But you do need to use 10 inch ribbon.  A 10 yard roll was more than enough for my 20 inch wreath form.  I chose a cream color ribbon for my pumpkin body.

If your wreath will be out in the weather, be sure and use the poly deco mesh.

I looked at some of the ribbon I had on hand, and decided to use the gold one, wire edge is best if you plan to make a bow as I did.  Also, you can spray paint your wreath form before beginning to match your mesh ribbon so it is hidden, but I did not do this step this time around.

You need to start by gluing your pipe cleaners to your wreath form.  I used a dab of hot glue, bent the pipe cleaner in half, attached and twisted onto the form with the twist on the back side.


You are going to do 7 on top and 7 on bottom, as evenly spaced as you can, leaving a gap on both sides.

IMPORTANT- Don’t forget to put the twists in the back!

This is what it will look like.  Mine aren’t as evenly spaced as they should be, but it was close enough and didn’t cause any issues.

I began by taking the end of my mesh ribbon- I used paper deco mesh, it just screamed fall to me- and folding over a few inches so you don’t have a raw edge.  I started on the top pipe cleaner on the side part.  I pushed it through the form towards the back, and secured it with the pipe cleaner.

We will do all our securing on the back of the form, so none of our pipe cleaners show.

Then you twist ribbon around to the front of the form, and go straight down to the pipe cleaner directly below the first one, twist to the back of the form, and secure with the pipe cleaner.

You can make it tight, or leave some looseness to the front of the wreath, I chose to leave it a bit loose.

This is the view from the front.

Then you twist around to the front again, and up to the next pipe cleaner on the top.

Here is what you have after a few rows are done.

See how the pipe cleaners are hidden in the back?

When you get to the other side, cut it off a bit longer than you need.  Fold over the edge, just like at the beginning, and shove through the form to the back close to the last pipe cleaner, then secure.

Here is what it should look like, it has taken more of an oval shape by this time.  Do some hand fluffing and moving it around a bit till it looks like you want it.

Now you want to make your stem.  I had some burlap, so I used it, but it wasn’t wide enough, so I ended up adding another little roll to my first one I made.  I just rolled it and glued the edges, then added another roll glued farther down to make it a longer stem- you could also used some of the 10 inch mesh for this, in a different color.  I attached to the top pipe cleaner, and added a bit of hot glue to secure it further.

That is your basic wreath, and now comes the fun part of decorating!  I made a bow and attached it, wrapping around the stem and added a bit of glue as well.  I didn’t like the long ends, so I ended up cutting them, and adding in other places. I then began layering with leaves, feathers, a flower, a small pumpkin and a sign to finish it off.

And here is the finished product!  I love how it came out!

Try it in other colors and styles–I think a striped black and white one would be gorgeous!

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