Updated rustic sconce

My husband and I used to be avid yard salers.  Every Saturday we got out early, to get the best deals. About 7 years ago, we came across two sconces.  Well made and solid wood with glass panels.  I loved them, but they were two different colors.  One a walnut and one a lighter oak.  This was in my beginning stages of DIY and I thought to myself ‘I will paint them the same color.’  So we brought them home and a short time later I had spray painted and stained over them.  I didn’t get before pics, it was so long ago, but here is what they looked like after I redid them.

This is a close up of the glass–which I hated.  Little did I know the passion I would develop for chicken wire a few years later.  I hung them for a while, but they never matched my rustic/farmhouse style, so for about the past 5 years they have been sitting on a shelf in the garage.  We have had a few yard sales, but I just couldn’t seem to part with them, so there they stayed until a few days ago.

This is the candle holder that was inside.

I took them apart, ditched the glass, and began painting with my homemade version of chalk paint.  I talked about it here:


I used my leftover chalk paint from that project–it was still good! (BM Snowfall White) I just had to stir it.  I began dry brushing it on, and wet distressing afterward with a wet cloth.  I was hoping for an old wood, distressed whitewashed look, not perfect, but perfectly imperfect.

This is how it came out.

I really like the look, and knew that I couldn’t put glass back in, so I decided on chicken wire.  I almost cut four small pieces for the windows, but decided it would be easier to cut one large piece and bend it around- so that is what I did.  Even had a small goof up/bad cut in the top left corner area, but I wasn’t too concerned about it.

This chicken wire was silver, and not the look I was going for, so I took it outside and spray painted it black, and then hit it with a bit of brown afterward.  This is how it came out.

I began in the front center and decided to hot glue it in.  Not too pretty, but no one will see that side anyway. I added some staples to make sure it stayed in place.

I screwed all the pieces back together and this is what it looks like.

What a difference, huh?

Here is the before and after, side by side.

I haven’t decided whether to hang them in my bedroom or the dining room yet, but I hung it up to see what it looks like.

I painted and distressed a mason jar and placed it inside.  I do not know if I will leave the top on or off, it is off in this pic.

I also tried it with a bird inside.

And with a tarnished cup.

I finally finished the second one today.  I thought about painting and replacing the candle holder inside, but probably won’t.  I am thinking at Christmas I will put either pinecones or ornaments inside, I think it will look amazing!

Any ideas on what to put inside my new sconces??

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