Cord control

If you read my first blog, you know that for quite some time, organization hasn’t been my strong suit.  I am trying to get my house in order, one project at a time, and I like coming up with inventive ways of controlling the chaos around here.

Cord control.  I hate the way cords seem to take over an area, especially if you have a few chargers plugged into the same power strip.  I thought long and hard about how to deal with this problem.

This is usually what it looks like.

Pretty, isn’t it?? One big problem with all of this, other than the messy-ness, is that it is hard to clean around all of it–as you can see.

I knew I wanted a box to hide the cords in, but really had a hard time deciding what type of box to use.  It needed to have holes in the sides to put the cords through. After walking around HL, my fav store, I decided I wanted to use a basket with a hinged lid on it.  It just so happened that this week the baskets were on sale for half price–score!

So, this is what I found.  Not exactly my rustic style, but it was as close as I came on this shopping trip.

Regular price was $24.99, so I got it for $12.50.

The rest of the project was easy. I bundled up all the ugliness and placed it inside. Once I shut the lid, it looked so much better!

Here is the finished product.  What a difference it makes!

And now, I can keep the dust underneath the table to a minimum also.

I had thought of building a box that is more reflective of my preferred style–and may do that on a future date–but this was inexpensive and easy, so I went for it. With company coming this week, I wanted it to look neater in the living room.

I want to add that these are seldom used chargers plugged into a power strip, they are not all used at the same time. And only when I am in the room. We don’t want to have a fire.

One step closer to getting things in order.

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