heater table

When my dad passed away a few years ago, I decided to bring home an electric heater that he had in his living room.   I stuck it in the corner of my bedroom and let it sit for awhile until I had time to work with it.


I have a two-sided fireplace in my living room.  Because of that, it has a big empty spot on the third side that just needed ‘something’.

*Please ignore ugly paint, new color coming soon.

I didn’t have any use for the heater as a heater, so I decided to gut it and turn it into a table.  I didn’t get pics of the before or during process, but it was pretty basic–take the back and top off and remove all the ‘stuff’.  I made sure to cut off all the cords as well.

I thought of adding a wood top, but decided to leave it as is instead.  I inserted some Christmas lights inside, and placed a wood log in the front.  I replaced the back and top and then it was time to decorate.





I added some burlap, and some decorations on top.  It turned out so cute!  I love the way it looks up against the bricks.  At Christmas, I change out the decorations on top.




I left the lights off to get a better picture. I can also decorate it for other holidays if I like.


I enjoy making old things into something new and different.  At some point, I may paint and distress it as well, but for now, I am happy with it just the way it is.

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