a pallet by any other name..

My desire to get things in order around this house began a couple of years ago. My husband Jeff and I were doing a bit of remodeling in our kitchen, and we decided we needed more space for our pots and pans.  Our kitchen isn’t tiny, but it certainly isn’t large, and just doesn’t have the cabinet space that we need. Our one cabinet we used for pans was always crammed full, and you never knew when opening the door if everything would fall out at your feet.  So I nagged asked my wonderful hubby if he would help me to build something. I love doing things on the cheap, so I began thinking through the best way of doing this without spending a lot of money. What better way than to use a pallet.  I had one in the garage just waiting to become something fabulous. FYI–before you use a pallet though, especially for an indoor project, you need to make sure it hasn’t had any chemicals used on it.  Here is a good website to read for info on that: 


Now on to design.  This one was easy.  I love rustic.  Raw woods just call out to me.  I also love all things distressed, but I knew I wanted this one naked.  The great thing about raw wood is if you get tired of it, you can always paint or stain later.  So I had the color decided, now onto the style.  I knew I wanted something simple.  And what could be more simple than cutting a pallet right down the middle?  So that is what we did. Now this was a couple of years ago, and I didn’t take before pics, so I don’t exactly remember if we may have removed a board before beginning the cutting process.  That is a definite possibility.  

Once we had it cut in half, I had to decide how to mount it to the wall.  I decided on some brackets from Hobby Lobby–one of my favorite stores– and I made sure to buy them on the week that they were half price.  I think they were about 5 dollars each.  

This is what the first one looked like.

I liked the looks of the shelf, and could have just hung one of them and used the other for something else. But we have quite a few pots and pans, and a couple of crock pots, so we decided to hang both of the shelves.

This is how it turned out.  

My original thought was to attach some hooks to the bottom of the lower shelf, but I haven’t decided for sure if I want to do that, so for now, this is how it is. Not sure why the brackets look crooked, must have been photographer error. 😉

Now on to the fun part of organizing the pots and pans.  I really like the fact that we can use the between space to put the pan lids in–that wasn’t even part of my original plan–just a nice little bonus!!

How cute is this??

The great thing about the brackets I used is that they have nice little built in ‘hooks’ to hang things on, such as towels, and decorations.

We have added more things since this pic was taken, with the rarely used things on the top shelf, such as our crock pots. We thought of hanging the shelves lower on the wall, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to hang things from the bottom, so we placed them up higher just in case.

I love how they turned out!  As I said, this was the beginning of my getting things in order.  Shortly after hanging these shelves, we lost our daughter to breast cancer, so household things were put on hold while we tried to pick up the pieces of life and move on.  Between grieving, and trying to raise her three children placed in our care, organizing was pretty low on my list of things to do. But here I am, two years later, ready to move forward.

So, how do you like them?  

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