long, long ago…order

Ok, so here I am and here goes nothing– or possibly something–time will tell.

I remember growing up in a very well run, orderly home.  You could have eaten off the floors of our house, my mom was such a great housekeeper.  As a teenager, I kept my room organized–no messes there!  Then I married and had kids, and somewhere I got completely off track.  Blame it on exhaustion possibly, but my house became a trainwreck! It isn’t something I am proud of,  but once you are in that cycle, it is hard to get out of it–can I get an amen!!

I would like to blame part of the problem on my dad.  Daddy was a bit of a ‘collector,’ shall we say. Actually, the man was a pack-rat!   He couldn’t resist a ‘deal’, if he had a dime left to his name. Unfortunately, he never found that one thing that turned into a lot of money, but it wasn’t for his lack of trying. It was the hunt he enjoyed, and of course he loved to show off his treasures to anyone that came to see him. Such as this ugly unique piece I inherited upon his passing:

Not sure exactly what it is, (a nutcracker perhaps?) but I haven’t been able to part with it. Of course, I can see why he couldn’t pass up that little gem….

I guess I inherited a bit of that gene.  I am a crafter, and by nature we tend to collect things.  My weakness is usually stuff like ribbon and fabric, but I also get sucked into larger things like furniture left on the side of the road that just needs a little love.  Or a $10 typewriter desk still structurally sound with a totally torn up veneer that I just knew I would fix up within 6 months–found that little beauty back in ’09.  Still looks the same.  And Pinterest is the worst app if you have even a smidgen of pack-ratness (is that a word?) in you! Gosh, I love that site!  So many ideas, so little space….

I can’t say that I haven’t had some sidetracks along the way that have hampered my efforts to get things the way they belong, especially these last few years. Life has definitely taken its toll in many areas of my life–sickness, death, depression–and many days just breathing takes effort.  But I have made a decision.  And that decision is to get my house in order.  Literally, and figuratively.  And I want to bring you along for the ride.

And that is where this blog comes in.

Join me in my efforts to get things done.  I will be posting blogs with ideas for organization and de-cluttering and will definitely throw in a few crafts, upcycling and home decor ideas along the way.  I might even share some of my favorite recipes, just to make it interesting.  I will try to make it fun and informative.

I think we will all enjoy the trip. 🙂

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